12 November 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Rita Ora on November 11th

Rita Ora was snapped on the red carpet of the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards in this deep red Marchesa gown from their Fall 2012 collection - this was actually the finale dress in the show.

Paired with diamond and gold Cartier rings and bracelets, the bold red lip and smoky make up make this a statement look, although I wish she didn't have roots - the blonde faux bob helps to draw the nude sheer part of the dress together and make the outfit feel more refined. The colour of the dress itself is perfect for her skintone and the wrapping of the skirt at the waist makes her look tiny without overwhelming her figure!

Rita has never really featured on my fashion radar before but I think this outfit in particular is impeccable, so I will definately keep a look out! This outfit is causing quite a stir amongst fashion bloggers, so I would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments - do you love it or loathe it?

10 November 2012

Free People 'The Snow Queen' Lookbook

Free People are releasing a series of Winter and Christmas themed lookbooks in the run up to the holiday season. The first one named 'The Snow Queen' is absolutely stunning and actually perfect outfits for British winters when it gets really cold and very un-Californian like in weather! With the knit jumpers, beautiful party dresses, coats, knit beanies, maxi dresses, scarves and jeans - its layering paradise and great inspiration for your own winter outfits!

Check out the full lookbook HERE and check back for more of the gorgeous lookbooks as winter fashion inspiration in the coming weeks!

07 November 2012

Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes: Copper & Bronze

This is part two of my autumn/winter nail polish recommendations, if you missed my first post on the best berry toned polishes check out the full post HERE!

Nails are a great way to express your fall fashion loves - they subtlety add life to an outfit, can draw a whole outfit of different colours together in one go and can add a pop of colour to the darker winter days. Bronzes and browns are a particular favourite because you can get so many different shades that can create entirely different looks - a particular trend is the metallic nail so I've included some metallics, some glittered and some more subtle toned too. Here are my top four favourite bronze toned nail polishes for Autumn 2012 (Note: To gauge the look, pictures of all of the varnishes on my nails can be found in the polish reviews)!

From left:

A reflective pinky copper polish  - a metallic colour with an interesting final look but at the high end of the nail polish market. Check out my full review of the polish HERE.

A bronze tone that definately lives up to its 'metalised' claim - the edges of the polish, although clean, seemed to dirty like the metal was rusting, creating a fascinating look. Check out my full review of the polish HERE.

A light, subtle, pinky brown tone - at only £3.99 and available across the high street, its well worth the price with great staying power. Check out my full review of the polish HERE.

A sparkly bronze with a deep red highlight. Needs a lot of coats to give a great look but its well worth the time! Check out my full review of the polish HERE.

What are your favourite bronze, copper and brown toned nail polishes for fall - let me know in the comments as I'd love to try them out!

05 November 2012

Winter Warmers - My Problem With Coats

Navy Blue Zip Coat by New Look - £44.99

I really suck at buying appropriate seasonal clothes... I love layering, so when I'm shopping I tend to buy things that are adaptable enough to be layered in the winter and worn alone in the summer. I live in cardigans of various states of thickness and warmness and own a limited number of coats - a rain mac (which does nothing to keep you warm), a leather jacket (which does nothing to keep you warm), a cropped military style jacket (which does nothing to keep you warm) and a black button-up coat, which does keep me warm but is at least 7 years old and falling apart.

Coats are particularly expensive, which I think is another reason why I tend not to look at them when I'm shopping. I think darker button up style jackets are pieces you can spend a few extra pounds on and will last for years to come but to spend £50-80 on one piece of clothing on the high street can seem outrageous. Buying a classically styled coat would help me with this as I could know it would never go out of fashion - I especially think this is true for darker blues and blacks which always look smart. Timeless pieces are probably worth the investment.

So, I figured this is the perfect time to see what's on offer across the high street and see if its time to replace my one winter coat (or perhaps add a few more!).

Wool Coat by Crafted at Republic - £60.00

Short Hooded Swing Coat by Topshop - £75.00

Navy Hooded Duffle Coat by River Island - £80.00

03 November 2012

Brand Profile: The Cambridge Satchel Company

I really love being introduced to brands I hadn't heard of before - especially ones with interesting back stories and beautiful products so when I watched this, I knew I had to share this right here, on my blog!

I always find the Google Chrome adverts touching and inspiring - the stories they tell are aspirational and hugely uplifting, whilst being beautifully shot. The most recent is being showcased as the YouTube header advert and entitled 'Google Chrome: Julie Deane'. The advert tells the story of how Julie started her fabulously fashionable brand The Cambridge Satchel Company and how its moving from strength to strength.

I'd not heard of the The Cambridge Satchel Company before but I'm so glad I now have - the pieces are beautiful, utterly timeless and modern with a classic vintage twist. Ranging from the brown classic bag reminescent of school days gone by to the Downing with its autumnal berry colours and detachable strap, the pieces are perfectly en trend with their own unique edge.

The company offer a full size guide - so you can work out exactly which size would best suit you and what you require out of the bag you have chosen. They also offer a fantastic embossing service (which is reminiscent of the actual school bags from the past) which enables you to personalise your bag with your initials, name or other message in a variety of classic colours.

I often gravitate towards brands which have a great back story and produce individual, beautiful pieces and  The Cambridge Satchel Company definately fits this - let me know what you think of the advert and the brand in the comments below, as I'd love to hear your thoughts! AND if you want to recommend me a brand which I perhaps have not heard of before, leave it below - as I said I love being introduced to new brands!