21 February 2012

Craving: Soap and Glory 'Lid Stuff' Palettes

I'm really into playing around with eyeshadow combinations and looks at the moment so when I saw the Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Palette in Smokey Dokey I was really excited.

The four colours included in the palette are an off white matt, light pink with shimmer, matt slate grey with purple hint and black with shimmer. The slate grey in particular has really drawn my attention and I would love to have a go creating a look with this palette. The colours seem highly blendable and look soft yet pigmented. I haven't yet attempted a proper smoky eye look but I think this product would probably entice me to have a go.

Soap & Glory have also produced two other colour palettes in this range 'What's Nude' (a mixture of brown tones) and 'Off The Wallflowers' (a random selection of bright colours). I'm not one for wearing brightly coloured eyeshadow but the 'What's Nude' palette also looks hard to resist, especially as I have heard so many positive things from fellow bloggers!

I know the quality of Soap & Glory products is very high and that for the number of products alone this price is not ridiculously expensive, but being a student spending so much money on make-up is not the easiest thing to convince myself into doing. I'm desperate to try this look but it will perhaps have to remain a craving (or wait until the next student loan arrives in my bank account...hmmmm!).

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