10 February 2012

Happy Birthday Katy and the Elsie Belle Book Lovers Locket

Today is my fabulous and gorgeous little sister Katy's thirteenth birthday! As a part of her gift, I purchased her the Elsie Belle Book Lovers Locket Necklace.

I brought it on a gold chain at the shortest length available so it sits a few inches below the collarbone. The book itself seems to be of a high quality, the distressing really adds to it and the heart is adorable. The space inside the locket is huge so I can't wait to see what she puts in there as a keepsake. The book is actually a lot larger and more of a statement necklace than I thought it was going to be but I think it adds to the charm!

I also really love the packaging - the intricate embossed detailing on the box really adds to the one-off unique quality that Elsie Belle jewelry exudes and the boxes themselves are fabulous to keep the necklace in (safe but in plain sight so you remember to wear it!).

I hope you love your present and Happy Birthday Katy!

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