02 March 2012

How Jeans Conquered The World

The BBC recently posted this article on their news site and I thought it was intriguing. Titled "How Jeans Conquered The World", the article explains the history of denim, the cultural significance of jeans and provides loads of interesting facts that got me thinking!

Jeans are definately a wardrobe staple for me and for people worldwide because they are so versatile. You can wear them dressed up with a blouse and heels out for dinner or pull out those worn old favourites with a baggy tee for a chilled out day at home. Jeans can be haute couture and can also be an item of comfy clothing that you rock when you just want to bum around. And its not just jeans but denim shirts, denim skirts, denim shorts, denim jewelry, denim shoes - I'm pretty sure that you can buy almost any piece of clothing or accessory in denim! It just never seems to go out of fashion and the styles are trends are constantly evolving.

Personally, I have two pairs of jeans that my day-to-day go-to jeans - a cheap pair of H&M dark wash skinnies (which are fab for dressing up with heels) and a pair of Joe's Jeans Chelsea Jeans in Jamie Wash (a slightly baggy but in a skinny style, light wash pair of jeans with distressing). One pair cost £20, one pair cost  £150 but there's nothing between them in terms of how much I wear them and love them!

What is your favourite thing about jeans and which pair are your wardrobe staple? I'd love to hear your thoughts! I think the line that sums up my love of denim is "Cowboys may wear them but so do supermodels, farmers, presidents and housewives" - the full article is available HERE and is well worth a read!

Image Source: BBC

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