27 March 2012

My Champneys Spa Party Experience

I recently attended a Private Spa Party at the Champneys store in my local town. I thought I'd write a little review as I really didn't know what to expect of my evening so hopefully this will give you some info and help you decide if you'd be interested in partaking in one!

The basics are that the events take place from 6 - 8.30pm in a Champneys store and it costs £15.

When we arrived at the store, we were greeted by a member of staff who checked us in, offered us a glass of either champagne or orange juice and took us through to the rest of the group. Here we had nibbles (which weren't provided by Champneys and that the hosts had brought with them) and a raffle (again not hosted by Champneys although they did donate a prize for it). 

The evening revolves around a mini-facial and they take a few members of the group away at a time to the treatment rooms to get their individual facials. For my facial, I was taken upstairs and asked about my skincare routine. Using Champneys and Elemis products, she then cleansed, toned, moisturised my skin as I laid back and relaxed with the soothing music. As she was going along, she described very clearly what she was doing and was happy to answer any questions about products and routines. After the facial, she filled in a mini form with some individualized product recommendations that were suitable for my skin and took me back to the shop floor to show me the products she had used. This is an area where I was slightly disappointed with as when I spoke to my friends after my facial, each person had a totally different experience in the treatment rooms. We were told they would be 15 minutes long but they were probably more close to 10 minutes - at least mine was; one of my friends was offered a head massage; one was offered a hand massage; I was asked to take my top off for the treatment and my friends weren't and each were different lengths of time. 
During the evening we were also offered 20% off products and 40% off treatments so it was pretty difficult not to have a huge splurge. I ended up buying the SkinCare Gift Selection which contains four products (each of which I will review very soon!) and costs £10 and so far, I'm very happy with it.

We were also given a free goodie bag which contained two miniature sample products and some vouchers which was great and would definately encourage me to visit the store again. Unfortunately, we were told beforehand that we would get a make-up and skincare workshop however that didn't happen for some reason that evening. When I asked about the demonstration (the part I had been looking forward to most) they said that it wasn't happening - no explanation. So I was left looking at all of the Bare Minerals products alone with no offer of staff help or demonstration.

Overall, the evening was enjoyable but I wish that every member of our party had the same experience and that everything that we had been promised beforehand had taken place. Saying that, I would definately visit and buy products from the store again - we all left very relaxed and with fabulously smooth and soft skin that lasted for days.

For more information and to book your own Private Spa Party, click HERE.

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