18 March 2012

Today's Nails: Collection Hot Looks in Fruit Loop

Today I'm wearing Collection's Hot Looks Nail Varnish in Fruit Loop.

This particular range of polishes states in quite an understated way that it is "Fast Dry" and for one of the first times with a nail polish, I can agree with that statement. The nail varnish was dry to the touch within 30 seconds which meant I could have multiple layers of colour dry within just a couple of minutes. I love that Collection haven't massively promoted the product on this value - it just makes me like it even more because they've made a claim that to me was completely truthful unlike so many other brands.

I always love the consistency of Collection Nail Polishes, as they are not too thick or thin and the brush coats them on perfectly as it is a great width! I'm not massively keen on the shade of this polish with my particular skintone but its fun and I'll leave it on until it chips! I think this is a great polish for the neon trend without being too bright or garish and is just a fun colour for spring.

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