09 April 2012

Today's Nails: All About Nails in Plum Raisin

Today's I'm wearing All About Nails in Plum Raisin which is available to purchase for only £0.99 at Tesco! After trying another colour out from this brand, I thought I'd go for it again as its an easy and cheap way to try out new colours without buying expensive polishes.

As with my previous experience, for such a cheap product, I don't think its that bad. The polish itself is watery but I found with one coat I had a pretty reasonable look and with two coats a very good one. The colour itself is very shiny but it is difficult to create a smooth, even finish. I think that this colour is really complimentary to my skin colour as its kind of dark but with a funky edge to it.

For some reason, I find the smell of the cheaper nail varnishes a lot more potent - they are very chemically to smell and can sometimes make me cough but they give a reasonable look for a reasonable price so are worth a try if your purse strings are tight!

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