02 April 2012

Today's Nails: Collection Hot Looks in Lemon Soda

Today I'm wearing Collection's Hot Looks Nail Varnish in Lemon Soda.

Neons are in at the moment and so I thought I'd try this colour as I think a great, understated way of introducing this trend into your own day-to-day looks is via your nails - especially when the trend is a certain group of colours. Personally, I find neons very difficult to wear but nail varnish is such a small element of a whole look that it can transform it or ruin it! In this case, I think the colour is particularly statement and could only go with certain looks, colours and outfits. I think this is a great polish for the neon trend without being too bright or garish and is just a fun colour for spring and Easter!

I'm probably not going to leave this on for long (its chipped already) but its a fun colour with great consistency and finish as Collection's nail polishes always are - 7/10.

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