08 June 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Miley Cyrus on June 4th

When out and about in West Hollywood on June 4th, Miley Cyrus wore a pair of Frye Engineer Boots, a blue polka dot mini dress with Peter Pan collar, fringe handbag and oversized round sunnies. 

I like how she's mixed the girly girl style and pattern from the dress, with the rocker style boots and dark accessories - Miley can really create some nice outfits when she tries. I also like the topknot and the nude make-up palette she's stuck to, as well as the gold stacked watch and bracelets on her wrist.

Her collar bones make her look particularly tiny though - she's obviously lost a lot of weight and although some parts of her look better for it, it seems she's gone too far in others. What do you think about Miley's outfit and new look?

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