06 July 2012

Today's Nails: Max Factor Max Effect Nail Polish in Red Bronze

Today I'm wearing the Max Factor Max Effect Nail Polish in Red Bronze

I love it when the names of the polishes match the colour themselves and in this case the colour perfectly matches the name - I would definately describe it as a reddy-bronze. Its got all the glitter and sparkle of a bronze with a red tinge in different lights. The colour has a nice depth to it with metallic elements but it takes a lot of coats to get this kind of depth. Some times when applying you seem to get a liquidy glitter and not much colour and other times you'll get loads of colour - its a bit hit and miss and I haven't really experienced that with one of the Max Factor Nail Polishes before.

I've been wearing this polish solidly for 6 days now and I'm pretty impressed with how it lasted (3/4 days no chips) although I did use two layers of topcoat so really it should be in tact. For the price you pay, I completely think this polish is a worthwhile purchase - 8/10.

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