09 October 2012

Brand Profile: Hiut Denim Co

I discovered Hiut Denim Co through Mulberry's Brilliant Britain Guide (which has LOADS of fabulous cultural information on Architecture, Fashion, Art, Shops and so much more) and found their story so inspiring that I had to share it with my blog readers!!

The brand was born out of the moving of a denim production company from Cardigan in Wales, abroad for cheaper production costs - at the time, a tenth of the town's population were employed by the business. Wanting to revive the local industry, David and Clare Hieatt founded the Hiut Denim Company last year and employed some of the skilled workers who had previously worked in the town's denim factory. Their aim is to develop their company to be large enough to employ all of the talented seemstresses who lost their jobs when the previous company moved abroad.

Not only is the history of the UK based brand fascinating, one of my favourite things about Hiut Denim is the history tag they impart on each of their pieces. Each pair of jeans has an individually produced code sewn into them during production - when you purchase a pair, you can view images of each stage of production for your exact pair of jeans (as they are photographed at each stage) and add your own so if your jeans go to new owners themselves, they can see the full story of how their jeans came to be! To me, its these little touches that make companies like this so unique and likeable - and makes me want to run my own business to.

Unfortunately, the collection is currently only available in two mens styles (although the skinny pair could be worn by women as a boyfriend jean because they do small waist sizes too) but as they perfect each of their styles, they'll be adding womens cuts too which I can't wait for.

What do you think of Hiut Denim's story and unique touches? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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