18 October 2012

Vlogger Favourite: TalkBeckyTalk

I thought I'd share a vlogger I've recently discovered and love - TalkBeckyTalk! I discovered Becky's channel through FleurDeForce as she did some videos with her about two months ago. Since then, she has been regularly uploading videos to her channel on a variety of subjects including fashion, hair, make-up and more!

As a beauty vlogger, I find her particularly refreshing because the videos are packed with information from her own personal experience. She recommends products that she has used for months or years on end, unlike some vloggers that wear something once and claim it changed their lives. She also reviews and uses a mixture of high end and high street end pieces and has a great mix of beauty and fashion videos, without one strongly taking over the other. Her advice is practical, simple, using high street products and perfect for normal girls.

Let me know what you think of her channel in the comments and be sure to subscribe to her too!

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