28 October 2011

Turquoise Jewelry - My Summer Obsession!

Turquoise Jewelry doesn't necessarily sound like something that would be appealing but this summer, I've found a few pieces that really caught my eye. It seems to me that this shade goes with so many different outfits and can completely change a basic outfit into something a little more exciting.

My obsession stems from the pieces of American brands Natalie B and Soixante Neuf. Working on an Ashley Tisdale fashion site means I get to quickly recognise brands and jewelry that she regularly rocks and these two brands are some of my favourites (and hers) - I DREAM of owning jewelry from them and have posted some of my faves.

If you don't already own something featuring a Turquoise Stone, I really advise a purchase - they go with so many outfits, styles and trends and people are always complimentary about them (Well they seem to be to me anyway!)

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