21 December 2011

Accessorize Ladylike Turnlock Tote [Review]

This is the Accessorize Ladylike Turnlock Tote which is my current handbag and has been since August!

Positives - I'm really happy with the way this bag has lasted - often with the use that my bags get (I generally tote them every day for months on end before getting a new one!) they end up a little damaged, good enough to tote but a little damaged (the inside lining will get ripped a bit or the detailing on the outside might fall off). However, this bag seems to have lasted the distance. The size is great - it can fit my books for uni in easily amongst all the other bits and bobs I keep in my bag. Its super easy to tote on your arm, carry by hand or sling on your shoulder and looks great in all three ways! Also, its super easy to dress up - on a few occasions, I tied scarves on to the handles to give the bag that extra bit of individuality!

Negatives - I only have two minor criticisms. With all my uni books inside it, the handle has stretched slightly and you can feel when there is weight in the bag that there is a little too much give in the handle. Its fine though, hasn't damaged and doesn't feel like its going to break but it would be better if there wasn't that much give. My other criticism is with the poppers on the side of the bag to make the opening larger. They are REALLY hard to close again - you have to put a lot of strength behind them to get them to pop closed again.

The Accessorize Ladylike Turnlock Tote is still available to purchase in stores however not in the same colorway as my bag! Hopefully, I'll be able to spend some of my Christmas money on a new bag but I have loved this one and will definitely be toting it again soon!

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