04 January 2012

Charity Giving

Giving to charity is really important to me and I try to do as much as I can, wherever possible, to help good causes. This weekend, I cleared out my wardrobe and found I had lots of clothes that no longer fitted or that I would likely never wear. So I've folded them up, sorted them into groups and bagged them up ready to be taken to our local charity clothing collection point. Rather than throwing clothes that are perfectly wearable away, this is a great alternative and now I've got a freshly sorted wardrobe full of pieces that I didn't even realise I owned.

If you want to donate some clothes for good causes, you can do this by taking them to your local charity shop, put them in the charity bags that are delivered to your homes, deliver them to your collection point or by putting them in the designated containers that are scattered throughout the country.

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