01 January 2012

Today's Nails: Essie 'Bobbing For Baubles'

Today I'm wearing 'Essie's Bobbing for Baubles' nail polish which I got as part of Essie's pack of Winter Collection colours. I was brought to the brand by Ingrid (or MissGlamorazzi) who regularly wears their laquers in her beauty videos and raves about them regularly, so thought it was about time I tried it out myself!

The colour itself is really interesting - in some light it looks like a crisp dark blue whilst in others it is more black Its great to have such a versatile dark colour in your nail polish selection as it works in many different situations. The polish would actually have worked fine with just one coat as it was immediately opaque, shiny and even across all of my fingers. I've been wearing it for five days now and it hasn't chipped once - YAY! The shine is fab too and really draws attention to your nails.

A great dark nail polish that is a real attention-stealer of a colour - 9/10!

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