08 January 2012

Today's Nails: Essie 'Size Matters'

Today is my work Christmas party (I know its super late but I work in Hospitality and so Christmas Parties for paying guests have to be done first!), so I painted my nails as part of the outfit. I'm not usually a fan of red nail polishes but I needed a bright colour as opposition to my black and grey dress, so chose another of the Essie nail polishes from their Mini Winter Collection.

When I first put on the polish, I didn't like it at all but over the hours its turned into a nicer color I think. For some reason I found it really tough to get even color over my whole nail, even with multiple coats, but its shiny and bold and works with my outfit so I don't really mind. For this polish I would definitely recommend 3 coats as the colour comes out better the more you layer it up.

A fun red colour but difficult to put on - 7/10

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