09 January 2012

Winter Wardrobe Staples: Floral Scarf

Wanted to share another winter wardrobe staple of mine - a floral scarf.  Scarves are great accessories that can brighten up outfits super easily and are practical too! They are cheap, small (so easy to keep in your wardrobe) and there are so many different fabrics, patterns and styles that you're unlikely to see someone else wearing the same as you. The floral scarf is fun for winter because it gives a burst of life to your outfit and makes you feel summery, flirty and fun even on the bleakest and coldest of days.

The scarf pictured is an H&M Floral Scarf (£4.99 I think!) which I purchased in the spring and has lasted perfectly until winter. I usually make a small knot at the back and wear it in more of a snood style. I love that it can be worn in two ways (floral or spotty) but often, I like to twist the scarf and mix the patterns in one go.

Floral scarves are a fabulous Winter Wardrobe Staple for me! What are yours?

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