15 February 2012

Two Months of Blogging Everyday

Today is my second month anniversary of blogging everyday! Even when I'm manically busy with work, university, my dissertation, work experience, Rainbows and more, I have found the time to blog. I am so incredibly proud of myself for pushing through and continuing to produce content everyday. I'm learning more and more about the fashion and beauty industries the more I do this and hopefully you are too.

This past month, I've changed up my layout to look more professional and reflect what I do a little bit more, I've also started reviewing products and testing out brands that I perhaps wouldn't have used before. The number of visitors my blog is getting week on week is increasing, so hopefully I'm doing something right - perhaps if you have any ideas for things I can do to improve or posts that you think its worthwhile me producing, you could leave me a comment below. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I'm not sure if I will be able to blog everyday for the next month as my deadline for my dissertation is approaching but I will blog as much as I can so keep checking back!

Thanks for all your support!


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