16 February 2012

V05 'Give Me Moisture' Shampoo

During a recent shopping trip, my friend raved about the 'V05 Give Me Moisture Shampoo' and so I thought I'd give it a try myself! 

I don't think that my hair really fits into any of the categories that V05 have created but went for the 'Give Me Moisture' as I thought it might give my hair a little bit of volume that it can sometimes lack. This is my first real venture into big brand hair care products - I usually just buy whatever is on sale at the supermarket when I need a new bottle - and I'm really impressed. 

The bottle is nice - I love the bright pink colour - you get a lot of product for your money and the way that it comes out of the bottle itself is great in the shower. The shampoo smells INCREDIBLE, I cannot tell you how much I love that fresh fruity scent and even a full day after washing my hair, I can still smell it. The scent is definitely by favourite part about this shampoo - I'm a sucker for things that smell good!

The day after my first use was a great hair day - I got compliments on how nice my hair looked and I'd literally styled it as I do every other day! It gave my hair incredible amounts of volume and life to the curls, which came from putting my hair up in a bun when it was still wet, looked like they were expertly done at the salon. It made my hair more shiny, glossy and soft to the touch too!  The volume hasn't been quite the same in subsequent washes but I still really love it and will definitely be buying it again!

Next, I think I'm going to try the 'Gloss Me Smoothly' shampoo as my hair can get a bit frizzy and it might do something to tame it a little bit - I'll let you know when I try it. Next time you're in town or in need of a new bottle of shampoo, trying one of the new V05 shampoos and conditioners would definitely be worth your while!

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