31 March 2012

Craving: Jack Wills Birchfield Gilet

Our spring warmth seems to be over and its back to hoodies and jeans for me in the cold weather!  Onthat line, a recent craving for me is the Jack Wills Birchfield Gilet.

I'm a big fan of Jack Wills products after my sister introduced me to the company in 2009 and have since garnered a collection of T-Shirts, Shirts, Shorts, Bags, Hoodies, Sweatpants and more - I'm sure I'll do a rundown of my Jack Wills collection soon!

My sister has had this gilet for quite a few years it the colorway photographed above - its lasted brilliantly even with the heavy wear that she gives it which definitely impresses me. The hood is removable which is super practical and the faux fur from the hood is also removable so if its raining, there's no worries about ruining it! It keeps you fabulously warm, fits brilliantly and looks great on!

The only thing that keeps me from getting it is the price tag. This gilet is actually on sale at the moment with £30 off the RRP so it might be worth a look if you want something that will last a good long time and be stylish and comfy too!

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