22 March 2012

Mary's Bottom Line

Mary Portas has launched a new series - Mary's Bottom Line. The programme follows Mary through the conception to the release day of her own brand of British underwear - Kinky Knickers. She starts her own production line in Manchester, employs eight unlikely recruits to produce the garments and is producing the programme to help push manufacturing back into Britain.

Mary's Bottom Line is a fascinating watch. It's so interesting to get an insight into the fashion industry - from the factory floor, to the management team, from the fabric producers to the big brand retailers and everything in between. Seeing the reactions of the staff and potential customers is fabulous and really makes me feel like anyone can produce something like this if they set their mind to it. You don't realise how much work goes into making one piece of clothing.

I would definately recommend a watch on Thursday's at 9pm on Channel 4 or catch up on the full series on 4od! The last episode airs next week so be sure to tune in!

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