23 March 2012

Are thin women the enemy?

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this recent BBC article - "Are Thin Women The Enemy?" which debates the representation of skinny women in the media and discusses legislation changes that are being brought in across various countries to stop this from occuring.

When the UK average dress size is a 16, why do girls feel the need to be a size zero to feel beautiful? In this day and age, women are bombarded with images that portray the idea that thin women are beautiful, successful and desirable to men and so they see their bodies as a form of image construction and self expression.

Its a uniform construction of beauty with all the models looking the same - standardized - and  I think women feel a level of judgement cast upon them when they can't maintain that skinny is beautiful ideal which puts a huge pressure on women to maintain their figures.

Some countries have introduced laws which restrict advertising, model size and eating disorder in the fashion industry but do you think it should go further? Do you think the control and rationalism of body images is something that should be brought into law? Let me know in the comments below!

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