11 March 2012

Today's Nails: 'All About Nails' in Oyster

Today I'm wearing 'All About Nails' Polish in Oyster which is available to purchase for only £0.99 at Tesco! I picked this polish simply because I wanted to try out a new colour palette without splurging on expensive polish that I was never going to use again.

For such a cheap product, I don't think its that bad. The polish itself is watery, it drips from the brush between dipping in the bottle and applying to your nails, but I guess that is expected for the price you're paying. The colour itself is quite flat and its difficult to create a smooth, even finish but it does have a bit of shine and was opaque and looked reasonable in two coats. I dont think this colour is particularly complimentary to my skintone but its a nice nude with hints of pink and would probably look fab on more tanned skin.

For my first experience with this product, I'm actually quite happy with it. In the future, I will probably buy new colours from cheaper brands to try them out with my skintone before splurging on expensive polishes from big brands that I love. It saves money doing it this way and doesnt make quite so much of a dent in my purse!

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