16 April 2012

Craving: A New Pair of TOMS

With the combination of cutting the grass, helping my parents with house maintenance, randomly finding a hole in the back of the canvas and then a trip to the beach, my TOMS are pretty destroyed - but they've had a good innings as I think I've worn them day after day for almost a year!

So I've been perusing the TOMS Site to try and find a suitable pair to replace them. I'm definately going to stick with the classics style but perhaps go for something a bit more colorful and fun as my black pair can still be worn around the house!

One of the pairs I'm considering is the Fuchsia Crochet Women's Classics (pictured above). I guess TOMS could be seen as quite masculine shoes as the design is pretty trainer like but this pair are so feminine with the cute floral crochet design that I think it immediately adds a sense of girliness to shoe that is pretty "boyish". They are slightly more expensive than the regular Classics at £45.00 but I honestly believe that TOMS are worth every penny - they are comfy, practical and stylish!

Would you ever consider buying a pair of TOMS? Let me know in the comments!

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