05 April 2012

Easter Gift Ideas

"The Immaculate Eggception is our newest Easter invention- and how innovative it is! Inside each giant fizzy egg is a secret surprise. What is it? You’ll just have to crack the Bath Bomb shell to find out!"

Sometimes, at Easter, with so many chocolate gifts being given, its fun to give alternative gifts to those who perhaps have been given enough chocolatey goodness and need something a little different. So, I've put together a little group of Easter-related gift ideas below which I hope you love! Instead of doing the standard chocolate egg, why not try something a little different? I'd love to hear what items you think are great gifts for Easter in the comments below!

"This bubbly carrot may not improve your eyesight, but it will fill your bath with piles of frothy lemon and buchu scented foam. Simply grab the carrot by it’s top (get it? Carrot Top?) and swish, swish, swish around your tub".

"An adorable, yellow fluffy Easter chick, perfect as a gift this Easter! Pull the cord and watch the chick zip along the floor!"

This decadently chocolatey Body Butter gives extra long-lasting hydration. It contains 13 Community Fair Trade ingredients – the most we’ve ever put into one product. It leaves skin sweetly scented, and feeling softer and smoother. Wear it, love it, but don’t eat it.

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