06 April 2012

Wardrobe Staples: Jack Wills Stowgate Slim Leg Sweatpants

Jack Wills' sweatpants are definately a wardrobe staple for me and the Jack Wills' Stowgate Slim Leg Sweatpants are one of my favourite pairs! These sweatpants are actually from the Christmas 2010 Collection but they're still going strong - if anything they look better as now the lettering is slightly distressed.

Being a student, I spend a decent amount of time at home working in my sweats and these are one of my go-to pairs because they are just so comfortable. Although they are tagged slim leg, they are oversized and baggy in the leg, they are just cut in way that is I think is slightly more flattering than normal sweatpants. The fabric is a great quality, thick and very warm in the winter, and I feel like when I'm rocking something from Jack Wills, I fit in the university crowd perfectly!

I also like to cycle in them when I work out although they are a little big on the waist which makes them fall down, the gathered leg opening means that the bottom of the trousers don't get caught in the pedals or bike frame which is a relief when you're going a long way or on a busy road.

I would recommend that when trying on Jack Wills' sweatpants to size down (or stick with your normal size if you're in the larger end of that size) because I have found with their sweatpants that they stretch quickly and although they do shrink down in the wash, they probably wont go back to being that same tight size again.

These are my go-to lazy day sweatpants and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of purchasing a pair to go for it - since I brought mine, I haven't regretted it for a second. They are expensive (I actually got mine on the Jack Wills Outlet which saved me a lot of money) but worth every penny!

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