22 April 2012

Matalan Crossbody Satchel in Tan

I've made a new purchase to add to my bag collection - Matalan's Crossbody Satchel in Tan. I actually brought this entirely on a whim as I was queuing to buy some simple black flats for work and this was on display nearby - naturally as a bag-a-holic, I whipped it up immediately. Satchels are so on trend and I love this one.

The length of the handle is adaptable which is so useful depending on what you're up to - I've extended the handle to be as long as possible so I can wear it as a proper crossbody bag, but it also looks good short as a shoulder bag. I also like that the bag has a flap top but also a zip top underneath which is great for travelling as it makes it a lot more difficult for people to get into your bag! The bag is a reasonable size and you can fit a good amount inside.

Its from Matalan so the quality of the material isn't fabulous but it only cost £8 so it will do for a while! Its also a mixture of hard and soft side material which I'm not too sure about yet.

Tomorrow I'm in London and am planning on taking this bag so it will its first test! Can't wait!

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