18 April 2012

Today's Nails: Max Factor "Max Effect" Mini Nail Polish in Elegant Mauve

Today I'm wearing Max Factor's "Max Effect" Mini Nail Polish in Elegant Mauve. The colour itself is very interesting as its almost holographic and seems like it has lots of depth and layers to it. There's elements of pink, gold, bronze, glitter and lots more depending upon what light you're in and I think it works with my skin colour really nicely.

The application was great and I had an opaque, smooth and effective look within two coats. Although its a mini polish, the brush is great although I would recommend that you don't wipe the excess polish off within the bottle before you apply it as the brush holds the polish itself perfectly.

This is my first use of a Max Factor product and have been really impressed with it, so will definately try another colour again soon - 10/10.

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