02 May 2012

Craving: Oliver Peoples Emelita Sunglasses in Red Havana

Sunglasses are my favourite summer accessory - buy the right pair and they'll work with any outfit and last you the whole season, pick the wrong pair and its fashion flop! Last summer, I purchased my first pair of Ray-Ban's and think its about time I add to my collection of designer sunnies!

My current sunglassses craving is the Oliver Peoples Emelita Sunglasses in Red Havana. I want a pair of oversized sunglasses this season, a pair that are fun and easy to hide behind but not so big or overly designed that they dwarf my face. This pair seem like a great compromise for this look. The colour looks great - its fun to wear sunglasses that perhaps aren't your standard pair of black or brown sunnies and this colour seems like it would go perfectly with my hair colour.

They are far to expensive for me to buy but perhaps I'll find a cheap pair that are similar to that to rock this season!

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