30 May 2012

"Does The Queen Do Fashion?"

The BBC recently posted this article on their news site and I thought it was intriguing. Titled "Does The Queen Do Fashion?", the article explains what an influence the Queen has had on fashion, what trends she's personally worn and goes into detail about the stories of the production of some of her most famous dresses.

The article goes into depth about her fashion rules and how designers go about creating pieces for her - not only for international, national and local occasions but for her day-to-day encounters too - she must have an epic wardrobe!
"The Queen always wears a two-inch heel, hemlines must be well below the knee, and she always carries a handbag. "She has to wear strong colours, she's very tiny, and in a block colour with a wonderful hat, she stands out - she's a real focal point," he (Stewart Parvin) adds."
Although she she doesn't have a style which I would personally imitate, I can definately see how older women could be inspired by the outfits which she wears - everything is suitable to the occasion, whilst being in keeping with colours and seasonal trends. She's a great icon for women across the world and so has to look suitably attired for the occasion - I think she does a marvellous job!

Check out the full article HERE and keep checking back as I'll be posting fashion and beauty related posts relating to the Queen regularly in the run up to the official Diamond Jubilee celebration day on Tuesday.

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