29 May 2012

Blogger Favourite: Lights All Faded

I love it when I find new blogs from reading other people's recommendations. There's a lot of rubbish produced online so to find a recommendation which you know is great is fantastic. So today, I thought I'd give it a go!

Although I read a lot of fashion, make-up and other beauty blogs, I also read my friend Dani's "Lights All Faded" travel blog. Dani is an Australian backpacker who is currently travelling around Europe and America and blogging her experiences throughout. 

She's written reviews of hostels, recommended places to visit during her travels, shared tales of the good, the bad and the ugly and kept all her visitors up-to-date with her experiences as she travels. I also really love her insightful posts where she works around ideas of taboo in travelling, representation of cultures, explores travel philosophy as well as her posts with personal handy hints in relation to packing, hostels, transport and more.

On her site she has a travel map so you can see where she's visited so far, a little widget so you can see what city she's currently exploring and details on past trips as well as her hopes for future trips across the pond! She posts blogs very regularly (usually a couple of times per week) and is always on Twitter updating with funny tidbits and interesting on-the-spot tips as she hops from city to city.

I'm not a huge traveller myself but find it so inspiring reading her experiences in places which I would love to visit, so be sure to check out Dani's blog at LightsAllFaded.com now!

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