27 May 2012

Jack Wills Summer Holiday Handbook

My sister recieved her copy of the Jack Wills Summer Holidays 2012 Handbook in the post today and both of us were really disappointed. Recieving the handbooks in the mail each season is a highlight for my sister (and for me) because they are usually designed and photographed in a way where the handbooks are like work of art in themselves - there are pages with the clothes in catalogue format but they are beautifully laid out and after the pages of gorgeous on-location photographs. This season... not so much!

The handbook is SO thin... a quarter of the normal thickness of the handbook but of the high Jack Wills quality none the less. There are promotional page after promotional page of adverts for upcoming events in both America and this country before we get to the pages of catalogue. There are only a few of these pages (not too many new pieces for this season) and they are laid out in the normal format but there are none of the accompanying arty pictures that usually go with them - my favourite part is flicking through these arty pics and wishing I could have everything from Jack Wills but it didnt happen this time.

Saying that, I do think that the video for this season is fabulous - perfectly captures the spirit of a teenage summer (especially one of a student)- I just hope that my final university summer holidays are just as epic! Why they couldn't have screengrabbed images from this video shoot and just used them? I don't know but I found this season's handbook utterly uninspiring... I still LOVE Jack Wills but not sure I'll be rushing into the store like I usually do when a new handbook arrives.

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