22 May 2012

The September Issue

I was looking over some older university work this week and came across my notes from The September Issue, a documentary about the production of Vogue magazine.

This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen because it gives such an insight into the fashion magazine world - from idea formation to issue release, everything is included. Not only do you see behind-the-scenes of the production of the 2007 September issue itself, you get to know the people including infamous editor Anna Wintour, creative director Grace Coddington and more. You also see how their photoshoots take place, production meetings, fashion shows, collection previews - everything that goes into the production of a high end fashion magazine. For an industry that seems so endlessly and effortlessly glamourous, this is definately an insight into what its really like - you don't really realise how influential Vogue is to seasonal fashion until you watch Anna Wintour tell high end designers like Oscar de la Renta not to include certain looks in this collections.

Check out the trailer below from the film and be sure to take a look at the documentary itself - its absolutely fascinating - I couldn't recommend it more to anyone interested in the beauty and fashion industries.

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