07 May 2012

Sprinkle Of Glitter - A New YouTube Discovery

I'm pretty picky about who I subscribe to on YouTube as I watch hours and hours of videos each week and try to watch every single video they put out but I'm subscribed to a huge range of channels about beauty, comedy, video games, nerdy goings-on, education, news, daily vloggers and so many more!

This weekend I discovered SprinkleOfGlitter, a "blogging vlogging Mummy, with magpie-like tendancies and a love of beauty" and instantly became hooked - in fact I'm pretty sure I've watched only her on YouTube the past couple of days as I catch-up with all of her older videos. What I love most about her is that she doesn't proclaim to be some beauty know-it-all, as some YouTubers do, she just loves glamming up and talking about it. I also like that she isn't super pretentious with her brands (something I try really hard to avoid being here on my blog) - everyone loves a bit of luxury in their lives but, as with me, she still rocks her Matalan cardigans, Collection 2000 eyeshadows and cheapy bits from Tesco's. Its nice to hear people reviewing products that I can actually afford to buy unlike some vloggers and bloggers who are reviewing products that I couldn't dream of being able to afford. Its also nice to hear all about the Mummy things (Baby Glitter is gorgeous!)... even if I am only 20 and single; and to see a beauty and fashion vlogger who, like me, isn't a size zero!

Louise is so open about products and experiences, her videos are interesting and great to watch and she's hilarious! I'm subscribed and I'm sure that you'll love Louise too! Check out her channel SprinkleOfGlitter now and her blog HERE!

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