13 May 2012

Today's Nails: Accessorize Metalized Nail Varnish in Copper

Today I'm wearing Accessorize's Metalized Nail Varnish in Copper. I picked this up in the 3 for 2 sale at Superdrug earlier this week (as you can see in my recent haul HERE).

The polish itself claims to be a one coat varnish so, following the instructions, I stuck to one coat. It was definitely opaque in one coat as the liquid itself is very thick but it chipped within hours so to ensure no chips, I would certainly recommend two coats or a topcoat.

The colour itself is...interesting to say the least. I like the actual colorway as its a copper colour with hints of brown, pink and gold depending upon the light. Obviously the polish gives a "metalized" look but to me, the colour looks a bit dirty - especially around the edges - it looks as though you've got black stuff all over your fingers even when your hands are clean. This part definitely reflects the "metalized" claim as the "dirty" look seems to give the nails that edge just like metal does.

One thing I noticed about this polish was the smell - I've never experienced a smell so strong from nail varnish. It seemed to hang around the room for hours afterwards and I had to make sure I closed the bottle tight after each few nails to give myself the chance to breathe properly - it was quite unbelievable.

I can't actually find this nail varnish anywhere online (which is a bit weird!) but you can check out Accessorize's full nail polish collection HERE. I would give this product a 6/10.

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