14 May 2012

Bad VO5 Haircare Experience

Earlier on in the year, I raved about V05's Give Me Moisture Shampoo and followed that up with a further post about V05's Nourish Me Truly Shampoo. At the time, I felt like my hair needed revitalising and I that it was about time I spent some money on shampoos from well respected and professional brands... I was wrong. I try to be as honest as I can about products so wanted to share my experience frankly so that you don't experience this like me.

About a month ago, after using the shampoo since Late January, my hair started changing, the strands seemed to be getting thin and wirey and my hair had lost its soft bounciness. I put it down to hormones and forgot about it. Then, I was sitting on my laptop, my hair fanned around my shoulders and I was playing with it, pretty absentmindedly when I spied what at the time I thought was a grey hair. Obviously, I'm only 20 and I try and look after my body so it really wasn't a welcome sight. I pulled it straight out and searched my hair to check for more - I found three or four more stray hairs and pulled them out too.  In the coming days, I continued to find these hairs and continued to pull them out - I didn't even like looking at my hair in case I found another grey one.

I don't dye my hair and never have because I don't want to damage my hair, nor had I changed my haircare routine in anyway, so the only explanation was the shampoo. At first I thought that these were grey hairs and that the shampoo was turning my hair grey but after closer inspection and research, I've come to realise that the shampoo was in fact stripping my hair of its natural colour. These were clear hairs - not grey hairs as grey hairs are a different consistency and feel to other hairs usually - the hairs I was finding were exactly like my normal hair just colourless. One of my friends, who'd I advised to start using this product had exactly the same experience and had also started to find these clear hairs.

This shampoo had damaged my hair and I'd only just realised it - three months after using it to wash with in every shower. I've now thrown every bottle of V05 haircare in my house in the bin and changed to the shampoos I used to use (just cheapy normal shampoo's from the supermarket) and, it seems as though my hair is back to normal. Its taken a couple of weeks but now my hair is getting less and less wirey with each wash and I haven't found any clear hairs literally since the day I stopped using it. I've obviously lost the benefits that the shampoo was giving me like a lack of greasiness and the volume it was getting, but to have to suffer finding what I first thought were grey hairs at aged 20, I'm happy to give it up!

Have you ever had any bad haircare experiences? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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