31 July 2012

7 Things (August Edition)

In June, I participated in Sprinkle of Glitter's 7 Things feature (check it out here)! Of the seven goals I set myself, I reached 5 of them quite successfully so I figured I would join in this month too! Its been a great experience and I especially enjoyed reading other people's goals and seeing how they did - its helped me find a few great fashion blogs which I've now followed! If you're thinking of having a go, I would definately advise it!

Below are the seven things which I hope to achieve in the month of August! I'd love to hear your own personal goals in the comments below and will of course let you know how I get on with my goals at the end of the month!

1. Organise Fun Things To Look Forward To! - Its going to be a tough year and I think that having events to look forward to really gets you through the tougher times. I've already organised a trip to the WB Harry Potter Tour in London at the end of September and I'm hoping to organise more sporadically throughout the year ahead.

2. Read More -  I am mid re-reading the Harry Potter series (currently on Prisoner of Azkaban) - I do it every so often because I just find the books a fun and fascinating read even though I've read them lots of times before! I want to continue doing this and maybe even finish the series!

3. Absorb the Olympics - I absolutely love watching the Olympics and wish I could be up in London to absorb the atmosphere. So far, I have watched every Team GB medal be handed out and I'm hoping to continue with that by watching as much of the London 2012 Olympic Games as possible!

4. Be Positive - Its easy to slip into negativity (especially when there are negative people around you). Its nice to see the best in everything - it makes you feel a whole lot more positive yourself and the world seems quite a lot less dark. This month I want to not let the negativity around me get me down, and stay upbeat!

5. Blog Regularly - I've kind of let regular blogging slip this month, so in August, I hope to blog regularly - not everyday but with a regular pattern in order to keep you visitors coming back and give myself a fun creative outlet!

6. Spend Sensibly - Not going to be earning too much next year as I'll be working hard at school, so I need to be a bit pithy with my money and not splurge too much! This goal is the simplest but also the hardest for me to stick too - I'm a shop-a-holic!

7. Enjoy August - With a busy next academic year, I really want to enjoy this last month and a half of freedom! So I just want to take time to do things for me!

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