02 August 2012

Olympic Athletes Patriotic Nails

Bronze medal winner Rebecca Adlington showing off her Union Jack nails at her medal ceremony.

So many female athletes have been showing off their countries colours using their nails in the first few days of the Olympics - not just those in Team GB like Rebecca Adlington but across the 204 nations participating! In fact, patriotic nails are so in right now, that at the Olympic Village in London, nail artist Sophy Robson & her Nail Porn team will be providing nail services to athletes and VIP's, with different designs for each of the countries participating (they're tweeting pics of some of the best looks @NailPorn)!

Doing flag themed nails are rather patriotic but I also liked Butter London's 'Heavy Medal' Trio which includes gold, silver and bronze polishes. At £24, the price is a little steep for me but it seems like a great way to show off your Olympic support without being over the top!

Would you rock flags or medal colours on your nails? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

US Swimmer Missy Franklin tweeted a pic of her star spangled nails last week!

American Tennis Superstar Venus Williams (Left) and British archer Amy Oliver (Right) show off their nails!

Image Source: Getty, Twitter


  1. I love seeing all the nail art! Mind you none of the men I know don;t even notice it. It's like a little 'wheres wally' for us who are beauty inclined!
    I also noticed the Italian Women's gymnastic team wearing Italian flag earrings which I htought was super cute!
    Hannah x confessioncloset.blogspot.com

    1. Me too - its the little touches to their outfits that make them so great! I found out that the Italian team have their national anthem embroidered inside their opening ceremony outfits - that's so sweet!