31 August 2012

7 Things - September Edition

I can't believe its that time already! August is almost over and I've achieved 6 of my 7 goals (apparently not spending money is pretty impossible for me at the moment, so 7/7 wasn't possible!) for this month! YAY! Now, here's my seven goals for this month:

1. Eat Healthily - Whether its adding a salad with my dinner, having healthy snacks between meals or just making healthy decisions at the supermarket, I want to try and eat a little healthier this month. It gives you a lot more energy being healthy and just makes you feel a lot better in yourself so hopefully I'll be able to keep that up!

2. Use my diary efficiently - With so much going on over the next academic year, staying organised is a top priority. I have brought a cute diary from Paperchase to help with this - its big so I won't loose it, pretty, and there's plenty of room to write everything I'm doing down. Knowing when I have a day-off and when important events are occurring and having them all stored in my diary will hopefully keep me less stressed as its one less thing to worry about.

3. Make the best of spare time -  Ensuring I make time to spend with my family and friends will help de-stress me too. So keeping in contact with old university friends, making more friends in my class and spending my spare time with my family will help keep my relaxed... I hope!

4. Go Out of My Comfort Zone - I think it can be so easy sometimes to stay in a routine and not try anything new. So this month, I want to do some things that stretch me and take me out of my comfort zone - it'll be nice to experience new things!

5. Accessorize - I got a beautiful Rotary gold watch from my parents and a Pandora Bracelet from my aunts for my 21st Birthday and I want to make sure I wear them as often as possible. Not just because I love them but because by wearing them, I feel like it shows those who brought them, just how grateful I am for recieving them. I've also got tonnes of other necklaces and bracelets and rings that its fun to dig out and rock on occasion, so I'll try and accessorize more often.

6. Try Some New Foods - Kind of part of the 'eat healthier' part of my 7, but I want to try some new things too! Whether its new ingredients or  recipes, its nice to try new things, especially food!

7. Use Pinterest - I've recently joined Pinterest and have started fashion, beauty and inspiration boards. I want to start more boards this month, pin more images and hopefully use the site regularly as it can be so inspiring! If you want to check out my boards click here!

What are your 7 Things this month? Post the link to your 7 Things in the comments below, and I'll  be sure to check it out!

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  1. Ooh, I'm in the middle of making a list of things to do/achieve by the end of the year. Am determined not to write 2012 off yet. Now I'm thinking I'm going to buy myself a pretty little notebook (can be a bit obsessive when it comes to pretty stationary) and start another diary/journal yet again. Great post and just to warn you, Pinterest can be VERY addictive.