02 September 2012

Wardrobe Staple: Jack Wills Lounge Shorts

I really love Jack Wills' Loungewear Collection, especially the shorts which I've been wearing for a few years now. They are the kind of shorts that I wear to bed or when I'm just relaxing in the house, but wouldn't wear out of the house, in fear of showing too much leg (Perhaps if I had skinnier legs, I would pair these with a tank top and cardi for summer days out).They are so comfortable for summer wear because they aren't designed in a way that the fabric gets in your way when you're asleep or just trying to relax. 

I think these are also perfect for girly events, not just for rocking round the house in - perhaps the night before a wedding, the bride and her bridesmaids could rock these and a hoodie when they are relaxing or at a sleepover, they are a great comfortable but fun item to wear with your friends.

The shorts come in so many patterns and fabrics, and Jack Wills change up their design each season so they keep the same basic elements like the front knot, button down and Jack Wills waistband, but look unique. The pair I have are a mixture of the pairs above with a plaid pattern like the first pair, the JW print waistband like the second pair, button up feature like the third pair and bow like the forth pair. 

They are pretty expensive for shorts - the current collection has these shorts retailing for between £29.50 and £34.50 - but to me, totally worth that extra few pounds because they last forever, mine are a couple of years old now and haven't worn in the slightest. They have moulded to my body shape so they don't look the same as when I brought them at the store but that's exactly why I love them and would love to buy another pair.

Check out the current collection of LoungeWear Shorts on the Jack Wills Website!

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