05 November 2012

Winter Warmers - My Problem With Coats

Navy Blue Zip Coat by New Look - £44.99

I really suck at buying appropriate seasonal clothes... I love layering, so when I'm shopping I tend to buy things that are adaptable enough to be layered in the winter and worn alone in the summer. I live in cardigans of various states of thickness and warmness and own a limited number of coats - a rain mac (which does nothing to keep you warm), a leather jacket (which does nothing to keep you warm), a cropped military style jacket (which does nothing to keep you warm) and a black button-up coat, which does keep me warm but is at least 7 years old and falling apart.

Coats are particularly expensive, which I think is another reason why I tend not to look at them when I'm shopping. I think darker button up style jackets are pieces you can spend a few extra pounds on and will last for years to come but to spend £50-80 on one piece of clothing on the high street can seem outrageous. Buying a classically styled coat would help me with this as I could know it would never go out of fashion - I especially think this is true for darker blues and blacks which always look smart. Timeless pieces are probably worth the investment.

So, I figured this is the perfect time to see what's on offer across the high street and see if its time to replace my one winter coat (or perhaps add a few more!).

Wool Coat by Crafted at Republic - £60.00

Short Hooded Swing Coat by Topshop - £75.00

Navy Hooded Duffle Coat by River Island - £80.00

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