15 November 2011

My Everyday Essential

If there's one thing that I always carry around with me no matter where I am, its a simple black hairband. To me, there is nothing more comforting that having one on your wrist - there for whenever its required. Whether you want to throw your hair up into a simple style, just have something to fiddle around with when you're waiting in a queue, I even wrap mine around my pens in lectures at uni when my fingers get tight from writing so much to ease the strain - they're just so useful!

I love the feeling that I can change how my hair looks so easily whenever I want and if my hair looks good in one style with one outfit but I want to change it for another it is so easy to do in any place. If my hair starts to look greasy or messy, I can just throw it up in a bunch and if it gets chilly I can let my hair down!

I actually also think that they look quite nice worn as an accessory - a really simple bangle or band that is the perfect size for my wrist and is therefore comfortable and extremely useful.

What do you think about carrying one? Different people carry different "essentials" everywhere but to me, hairbands are pretty important.

(In this picture, I'm wearing a Matalan Crew Neck Cardigan in Raspberry, a Soul Cal Black Vest Top and H&M Dark Wash Skinny Jeans.)

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