13 November 2011

Today's Nails: Marshmallow [Review]

I find it really hard to keep up with painting my nails because I'm not allowed to wear Nail Polish to work and as I work every week, I never get the chance to wear it... HOWEVER... last week I had the entire weekend off so I figured I would paint my nails.

I chose to paint my nails in Collection 2000's Lasting Colour Nail Polish in 'MarshMellow' simply because it was close to me when I had an urge to paint my nails! When I first painted them, the colour seemed really bold - a kinda tacky pink colour - but as the days have gone on, its kind of mellowed into a lighter pink. It lasted a good week without a single chip but now is starting to slowly chip away. The two coats have given them a lovely shine and I love the contrast between the polish colour and my skin!

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