08 December 2011

Beauty Favourites: Hollister Laguna Beach Body Mist

One of my favourite scents is Hollister's Laguna Beach Body Mist. I tried it out at the Southampton Store a few years ago after looking at their perfumes (that were a little on the expensive side for me), I went for a body mist and loved this one the most! The scent is light and refreshing whilst smelling perfectly like summer! It stays on the skin for a good few hours, isn't overpowering like some scents can be and is light enough that they suit any season. I always get my Mum a bottle of it for Christmas and her Birthday because she loves it so much!

I've also recently tried out Hollister's Malibu Beach Body Wash - it makes the shower smell incredible and your skin silky smooth to touch for hours afterwards. Hollister's products feel really high end without being too pricey and shopping in their stores in an experience that I savor - LOVE IT!

What are your favourite fragrances?

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