16 December 2011

Victoria Beckham Dresses

My first semester of my final year at University is over! It came with a lot of hard work and stress (hence my lack of blogging) but now I'm back and I'm going to try and blog as often as possible. During that time, I did an essay on Victoria Beckham as a celebrity and have researched into her fashion line a lot, so I though I would do a blog post featuring some of my favourite pieces from her Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.
I didn't realise just how elegant and beautifully fitting these dresses are. They seem to really positively profile a woman's figure - no matter what her size - and that can only come from very hard work considering Victoria herself is a size zero and could look amazing in ANYTHING!
I adore chunky zips on clothes as I think they can make quite simple pieces really fun and flirty! I also adore her use of colour - I think a lot of designers seem to pick the colors that most people can pull of but Victoria picks quirky colours that make her dresses instantly recognizable.

I think she's definitely earnt her status as one of the top fashion designers in the UK but what do you think of Victoria's fashion line? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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