30 December 2011

Craving: Sam Edelman James Boots

I've been a big fan of Sam Edelman shoes for a long time now - their shoes are always uniquely stunning and I adore the stud details on their now famous designs. I would love to own a pair - any pair - but have one particular favourite.

At the beginning of the fall, I spotted the Sam Edelman James Boot on Ashley Tisdale and immediately fell in love. The colour of the collection is stunning and suits so many styles. I love the adaptability of the boot that you can fold the top down, leave the zip open and have them slouch or do them up properly as a normal boot. Having a pair of shoes that you can wear with many different things and that you can change up depending on your outfit or mood is great!

Unfortunately they aren't available to purchase any more (not that I could have afforded them anyway!) so I've been looking for the perfect pair of slouch boots ever since! Any ideas on where I can get some would be greatly appreciated!?!?

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