17 December 2011

Project For Awesome: Girlguiding UK

The Project For Awesome is an annual event held over a weekend in December on YouTube which aims to promote charities and encourage visitors to give their time and money to these great causes.

I am a Rainbow Leader for GirlGuiding UK. Each week, I plan, organise and run sessions with 20 local girls aged between 5 and 7 years old. We craft, we play games, we sing, we cook, we earn badges and just generally have fun for an hour. The girls are from a huge mixture of backgrounds (some have a more privilaged upbringing, whilst others may be from a single parent household or be carers for disabled relatives) and seeing them all come together and share their own stories and experiences is a real eye-opener. I fit it in with working a part time job and going to university full time but it is the highlight of my week spending those few hours having fun and letting the girls have a release - seeing the smiles on their faces when they arrive brings absolute joy to the heart.

And it's good for you too - it will give your CV a boost, help develop your communication skills with children and adults alike, enable you to learn first aid and bookkeeping - and you'll have LOADS of fun whilst you're at it! It feels so good to know that you're giving back to your community.

So why not get involved? You could help run a unit, share you passions with the girls by running a one-off activity or even contribute through the 12 Hour Challenge. Visit the Girlguiding UK Website to register your interest in volunteering and to find out more!

I'd love to hear what kinds of charity activities you are involved with, so be sure to let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have any questions about volunteering in Guiding itself, let me know in the comments - I'll do my best to answer your queries!

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