18 January 2012

Beauty Favourites: Collection 2000 Eyeshadow

One of my go-to eyeshadows is Collection 2000's Color Intense Trio in Cookie Dough. Whenever I want to quickly do my make-up or just want a shadowy sexy look for my eyes, I pick this particular trio.

The colours go fabulously with my skin and have enough sparkle in them to give my eyes a real zing! The lightest colour is a golden brown with sparkle, the middle tone is a bronze colour with metallic sparkle and the darkest colour is a real chocolate brown with considerably less sparkle. They blend absolutely beautifully with each other and can provide that dark smoky eye look that is so fashionable at the moment in a slightly different way.

The eyeshadow itself is really easy to apply, it doesnt take many layers to create a strong tone on your eyelid and it lasts all day - easily.The packaging is super practical and fits nicely in my makeup bag for quick and easy access AND the price is fabulously reasonable from loads of beauty shops!

I would absolutely recommend this eyeshadow as a fun brown tone for your make-up collection - 10/10.

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