17 January 2012

Craving: Wildfox Couture Baggy Beach Jumper

I am a huge Wildfox Couture fan - the American brand produces quirky, girly and comfy pieces which are fabulous additions to any girls wardrobe. The Sparkle Heart Baggy Beach Jumper (pictured above) is one of my current favourites! The colour is interesting with its purple undertones and you get the sense that the colour would really come to its fore after a few washes and with a little wear. The sparkly heart is also fun and it seems like the sweater would suit jeans, leggings, mini skirts - just about anything.

I actually own the Wildfox Couture Je T'Aime tee which is another of the reasons why I am so desperate to try more. The tee is the perfect fit and shape and hasn't drastically grown or shrunk with the many washes its had. I will definately review the tee soon as it is one of my faves!

I would love to own  any of the Baggy Beach Jumpers as all of the designs are adorable and unique! I wish I could own more pieces from their incredible collections but for now, I'll have to stick with craving this particular piece! What do you think of the Wildfox Couture Baggy Beach Jumpers? Let me know below!

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